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A number of jobs, especially the ones with workers employed in factories or warehouses, involve the use of some kind of machinery. A grinder or grinding machine is one of the many commonly used machines. A grinding machine consists of an abrasive grinding wheel that helps shape different kinds of items.

Types of Grinder Machine

There are different types of grinding machines available – for instance: belt grinders, jig grinders, surface grinders, and bench grinders, which help in cutting or shaping metal.

However, just like all other machinery, using a grinding machine without taking proper care can result in an accident or injury. Here are a few of the key aspects to pay attention to while using a grinding machine.

Safe Use of a Grinder Machine

Remember these important tips if you are going to operate a grinding machine at your workplace:

  • Ensure that you have appropriate training in working with a grinding machine.
  • Conduct a thorough safety check of the machine prior to using it every time.
  • Select the correct grinding wheel as per the job you need to complete.
  • Turn off the machine before making an attempt to change a grinding wheel or before performing any other type of tasks or adjustments.
  • Seek the assistance of a professional engineer to fix the machine if it is not operating correctly and do not use it until fixed.
  • Wear proper personal safety gear to minimize any risks of potential injuries.

Watch YouTube Video: Grinder & Abrasive Wheel Safety Training. This training video shows you how to use a grinder or abrasive wheel properly.

Typical Injuries that May Occur with a Grinder

Using a grinding machine can cause several types of injuries. The following list includes some of the common injuries that can occur due to a grinding machine accident:

  • Broken bones
  • Crush injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Finger injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Severed digits

Losing one or more fingers may not be life-threatening, but it can certainly turn out to be a life-altering injury. A loss of a finger or thumb may even prevent you from being able to work ever again and restrict you from performing simple chores such as tying shoelaces. Furthermore, sustaining injuries to the head or the face can be fatal.

It is also vital to recognize the risk of people being injured from potential mishaps due to other workers using a grinding machine nearby.

Injuries that May Occur with Angle Grinders

It is necessary to use angle grinders with care in order to reduce the risk of injury. Most of the safety tips applicable to the use of angle grinders are the same as those of other types of grinding machines.

Lacerations are the most common injury occurring to the operators of these machines or people working nearby these machines. The injury may occur from attachments, such as cutting discs or grinding discs that split and turn into projectiles. In addition, the injury may occur due to the tool kickback following the jamming or grabbing of the attachments or any number of scenarios.

Safety Tips for Using Angle Grinders

Here are a few key safety points to remember while using angle grinders.

Make sure that:

  • There is a real need for using a grinder in the first place.
  • The choice of the grinding machine is appropriate as per the job at hand.
  • You check the grinding machine with respect to the guard, housing, cable, and handle prior to every use.
  • The selection of the disc is suitable as per the size, RPM, type, and condition for the job at hand.
  • Only professionally trained and nominated people are allowed to replace abrasive wheels if there are any.
  • Operators acquire knowledge on how to use the machine through training and instruction.
  • Appropriate protection for the eyes and ears as well as flame retardant garments are used.
  • The work is preceded by proper planning in order to ensure that the operator does not have to overstretch or work under physical stress.
  • The floor level is not rough or uneven.
  • You operate the machine away from body parts.
  • The grinding machine is set to the required speed before it is operated.
  • The grinding material is not hazardous in any way.
  • The operator is not using the grinding machine with one hand.
  • The operator does not place the disc under too much force while using the machine.
  • You do not turn off the grinder while you are operating it (except in an emergency situation).
  • You avoid contact with the material that has been ground up or the disc after finishing the job (it could be hot).

It is important to follow these safety tips in order to minimize your risk of sustaining an injury while using a grinding machine. Operators should be aware that accidents involving grinding machines can potentially cause severe injuries or even permanent disability or death.

Watch YouTube Video: How to properly use an angle grinder. This video shows you how to use an angle grinder properly and the type of protective safety clothing needed.

Legal Obligations of Employers

Almost all California employers (with very few exceptions) are under a legal obligation to follow the Cal/OSHA (California Occupational Safety and Health Act). One of the key parts of Cal/OSHA is that an employer must put in place an IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program).

This includes requirements such as creating a system for communication with employees on safety and health issues, periodic inspections to assess workplace hazards, investigating every accident, correcting unsafe conditions, procedures and practices at the workplace, and employee training for hazards related to specific jobs. Cal/OSHA also requires employers to post notices and information at the workplace. For more information, click here.

Grinder Machine Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

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