Minimizing Industrial Boilers and Pressure Equipment Injuries

Minimizing Industrial Boilers and Pressure Equipment Injuries

Minimizing Industrial Boilers and Pressure Equipment Injuries – Boilers and various other types of pressure equipment in industrial settings can be hazardous.

Cutting Corners is Highly Risky

Employers should hire approved maintenance contractors for high-powered industrial boilers and other pressure equipment to deal with the potential hazards. This is not something that any operation or business wants to go cheap on as many would say. This is not the time to cut corners – many times this only backfires on the company or public department.

Purpose of Industrial Boilers 

Industrial facilities make use of different types of boilers that produce either high or low-pressure steam. Boilers that are used for the supply of hot water can be categorized into two types, including boiler for hot water supply and boiler for potable hot water (a potable water heater).

Both these boilers are designed to operate at a maximum pressure of 160 psig or a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit near the boiler outlet if:

  1. The boiler’s heat input is more than 200,000 BTU per hour, or
  2. The boiler’s water temperature is more than 210 F, or
  3. The boiler’s capacity to contain water is more than 120 gallons

Operational Knowledge and Maintenance are Important

Industrial boiler systems are built for efficiency and safety. For safe boiler operations, the employers should ensure that the boiler operators receive appropriate training. It is also paramount to have knowledge about correct boiler system maintenance to ensure safety.

History shows that flaws in operation and maintenance can lead to a deterioration of boiler conditions and safety, resulting in serious accidents. These boiler accidents can be attributed to lack of proper operational knowledge and neglect.

Routine maintenance can be easily performed if the employer has created a regular system for maintenance involving trained workers. Major boiler repairs and periodic tune-up, however, should be left to trained maintenance professionals.

Need for Professional Assistance for Boiler Safety

The employer should know when to turn to trained professionals for assistance for boiler safety. Some of the key areas where qualified professionals can help include:

  • Leakage in safety relief valves
  • Leakage in the steam systems
  • Condensate dripping out the boiler’s front
  • High stack temperatures in excess of 350 F
  • Constant resetting of safety devices and controllers

How Do Boiler Accidents Occur? 

An industrial boiler accident may take place when the boiler is operating without sufficient water in it. Properly functioning low-water level cutoffs are vital to prevent these types of accidents. The condition can lead to severe deforming or buckling of the boiler, or even complete meltdown and deadly boiler explosions. Another cause of lethal boiler accidents in industrial settings is operating the boiler at an excessive pressure.

Excess Pressure is a Serious Danger

An accident can occur if the boiler is no longer able to contain the excess pressure, which has been allowed to build up. Accidents occurring due to excessive boiler pressure have been known to destroy an entire building and resulting in loss of lives.

Fuel Threats to a Boiler

Fuel-related boiler accidents can occur when the operator fails to purge combustible gases emanating from the firebox before attempting ignition. Workers should never restart the boiler by bypassing safety devices using jumper wires. An unintended ignition of some unburned combustion gases within the firebox can take place.

Watch YouTube Video: Boiler Safety. This informative video discusses the dangers of boilers and provides safety tips for those who work with these machines daily.

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