Tackling Logging Machinery Accidents

Logging machinery is used for felling trees, removing the branches and limbs, and cutting down large pieces into smaller, more manageable logs. The logging industry uses specialized tools and machinery for these tasks.

Heavy Work

Chainsaws are the primary tool to cut down and cut up trees, but there is more advanced and heavy machinery that can be used (mainly for industrial purposes – most homeowners are not going to use this type of equipment for a variety of reasons as just mentioned). Operators using a sharp and powerful machine to cut down and cut up trees, face a significant risk of injuries, which can sometimes be catastrophic, or even fatal.

The History Channel used to have a show called Ax-Man that depicted this line of work.

Keylogging machinery related tasks include:

  • Yarding – this involves the logs being moved to centralized locations.
  • Skidding – this refers to a method of forwarding the woods to the landing sites.
  • Dragging – an everyday activity performed when yarding the logs (it is often done with tractors).

Tough and uneven terrain requires a more specialized form of yarding. When yarding across steep landscapes, it is difficult to skid or drag the logs. Here, the workers may use steel cables to move the logs. In case of cable yarding, each log is hoisted and then conveyed to the landing site using overhead wires. This is also referred to as sky-line yarding.

Post-landing, the logs must be systematically marked, ready to be transported to the sawmill. This is usually done with trucks. Sometimes, logs are carried by water. Workers are often required to work in difficult terrains and inclement weather to perform logging operations.

Watch YouTube Video: Close out and Logging Safety. This video from Forestry Works provides tips on how to successfully and safely operate a logging machine to prevent accidents.

Hazardous Work Environment

Logging industry workers usually employ heavy tools to move around heavyweights, and the equipment often contains high-speed moving parts and heavy-duty motors. The momentum of different machinery parts rolling or gliding can be enormous.

With heavy logs continuously rolling, dragging, sliding or being suspended using cables, the overall work environment is hazardous for the workers. Moving parts and heavy machinery present a notably higher risk while operating in uneven and slippery terrains or when exposed to freezing winters, rains, strong winds, and lightning.

Health Hazards Involved in Logging Activity

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), as many as 20 to 50 percent of the workers involved in felling operations could be suffering from arm-hand vibration syndrome. Exposure to wood dust, chain-saw exhaust, tree bacteria, and fungi is another risk for logging workers. The available data shows that:

  1. Logging workers have a higher risk of death and injury than those working in many other hazardous industries.
  2. In the event of an injury, a logger is more likely to get hospitalized (and suffer the loss of workdays) in comparison to workers in most other sectors.
  3. The injuries suffered by loggers are typically more severe and lead to more extended hospitalization as well as more time lost per worker compared to workers in most other sectors.
  4. The incidence of fatalities for loggers is higher than that of workers in other industries.

A Dangerous Job

Logging is one of the most hazardous industries in the United States, accounting for many injuries and fatalities every year. Employers must follow the mandatory safety guidelines and train the workers adequately to minimize the risk of accidents.

Machine Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

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