Understanding Mowing Machinery Accidents

Understanding Mowing Machinery Accidents

Mowing the lawn is one of the most common, summertime activities. This type of yard work is especially common across the US with the average American mowing the grass up to 30 times a year – well perhaps not as much in Nevada or Arizona though.

Despite the widespread familiarity with lawn mowing tools and methods and the easy availability of mowing supplies, there is room for risk. Nearly 100,000 Americans are treated in emergency rooms across US hospitals every year for injuries associated with a lawnmower.

Common Lawnmower Injuries

Lawnmowers are a rather powerful piece of machinery. Most lawnmowers have single or multiple blades that cut the grass efficiently. There are plenty of options with many types of motorized lawnmowers readily available for different types of lawn maintenance tasks. Despite most of the modern lawnmowers carrying smart safety features, there are moving parts and sharp blades that the operator must be careful about.

Some of the common lawnmower injuries include:

Loss of Limb

One of the serious lawnmower-related injuries is a loss of limb. Children are at a higher risk of these types of injuries as they can be run over by lawn mowers.

Projectile Injuries

Most lawnmowers are fitted with moving blades. High-speed spinning blades tend to propel smaller objects into the vicinity in the form of sharp projectiles. The projectiles may include small objects that are commonly found in the lawn, such as pieces of wood, metal, plastic or rock, toys, golf balls, sticks, and pebbles.

Fall Injuries

Parents sometimes allow children to ride the lawn mower. It seems like a fun activity for kids, but serious consequences can result from allowing children to sit on the lap of mower’s operator. If the mower moves at high speed, and the mowing path is uneven, or the child is not positioned correctly, it can lead to fall injury with deep cuts or broken bones.

Burn Injuries

The exhaust from a mower often contains smoke, particulate matter, and various gases. The exhaust can be very hot and can reach temperatures of up to 240° Fahrenheit. Anyone close to the exhaust or in its direct path can get burned.

Watch YouTube Video: Lawn Mower Safety Public Service Announcement. This moving PSA features 13 families from across the United States whose lives were affected in a lawnmower accident. The families came together to spread the message that lawnmowers pose a danger to kids.

Tips to Prevent Lawn Mower Injuries

Precautions before Mowing

Inspect the mowing area. The garden can be littered with many small objects that can turn into harmful projectiles. This includes toys and loose debris. Clear away small stones or pebbles. Remember to wear shoes and not flip-flops and use ear and eye protection gear. Don’t refuel or start the mower in the garage – take this outside where you are surrounded by fresh air and more room to maneuver yourself and the lawn mower. Never refuel the motor until you turn it off and allow it to cool.

Precautions during Mowing

Mowing in reverse is risky. Always turn off the mower entirely once your yard duty is done. Until the mower has been shut-off, don’t remove the grass catcher or the discharge chute. When you use a push mower, choose a mower model with automatic shut-off feature. This will allow for more control over mowing through an auto-control mechanism that stops the mowing every time you release the handle.

Precautions after Mowing

Turn off the lawnmower carefully. Make sure that nobody unclogs the discharge chute or removes the grass catcher until the mower is completely off.

Machine Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a machine accident lawyer in Sacramento. Lawn mower accidents can be a big problem, especially in the spring or summer months. If you or a family member has been injured in a lawn mower accident, call me at 916-584-9355 for a free consultation.

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